Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 355ml review

Brooklyn Brewery (Beer)

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Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 355ml

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States Brooklyn Brewery Beer & eacute am Rican Russian Imperial Stout type dé gageant intense chocolate flavor & eacute e.
Degree: 10 °
Origin: USA
STEVEN Hindy, a former war correspondent, are not finding happiness in the production of beer made in the USA decided in 1984 to start his own brewery in the district of Brooklyn. It will be one of the actors of the success of craft beers in the USA. These beers are grouped under the name "Craft Beer Beer" which ateste of limited production, the traditional method of use and the quality of ingredients. The brewery publishes outstanding beers that have found their audience in the US, then in the rest of the world. It is rich and fragrant than conventional American beer. In 1993 the brewery recruited the famous Garrett Oliver, now considered one of the best of traditional beer brewer in the world. Russian Imperial Stout type, this beer Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is every year the winner of many awards for the dark beer category and was formerly produced exclusively for Catherine II, Empress of Russia. The malt is crushed three times giving it the deep black color. In the mouth, it is simply beautiful with intense chocolate flavor. It will fit in perfectly with chocolate desserts or very mature cheeses.

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