Bracine Triple 75cl review

Brasserie Du Pays Flamand (Beer)

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Bracine Triple 75cl

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FranceBrasserie Country FlamandLa Bracine Triple follows the tradition of beer brewed in Flanders. The hops used give it an honest and noble bitterness.
Level: 9 °
Origin: FranceThe
Bracine Triple is a craft beer produced by the brewery of the country Flemish in the north of France. It is brewed with a malt dose three times higher than normal. In the glass, it is adorned with a nice orange color, slightly cloudy, and is covered with a dense and persistent foam. The nose reveals aromas of fruit, honey and yeast. The palate is sweet and fruity before the malt flavors will take over. The final returns a nice bitterness. The Brasserie BrasserieLa country Fleming was born in 2006 in the town of two childhood friends passion: Olivier Duthoit and Mathieu Lesenne. Fierce defenders of their land and its traditions, they undertake a project to create a brewery in Blaringhem, on the border of French Flanders and Artois, in the premises of a former brewery. Success was almost immediate! Raw materials of high quality from the "near area" and an undeniable expertise illustrate a rich array of beers (Bracine, Anosteké and Wilde Leeuw) and award-winning.

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