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Brasserie Du Pays Flamand (Beer)

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Bracine Blonde

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France Brasserie du Pays Flamand Blonde Bracine is a lager l & eacute manages and very aromatic. It will suit the majority.
Level: 6 °
Origin: FranceThe
Bracine Blonde Is a golden colored beer and high fermentation. The first beer produced by the Brasserie du Pays Flamand presents a rare lightness. When you pour in the glass, you will notice a thin scum of bottle bottom in yeast, demonstrating its aromatic freshness and its natural sparkle. The nose reveals aromas of malt and yeast accompanied by spicy notes. In the mouth, the fruit flavors are pleasant and end on a fine bitterness. The Brasserie BrasserieLa country Fleming was born in 2006 in the town of two childhood friends passion: Olivier Duthoit and Mathieu Lesenne. Fierce defenders of their land and its traditions, they undertake a project to create a brewery in Blaringhem, on the border of French Flanders and Artois, in the premises of a former brewery. Success was almost immediate! Raw materials of high quality from the "near area" and an undeniable expertise illustrate a rich array of beers (Bracine, Anosteké and Wilde Leeuw) and award-winning. General Agricultural récompensesConcours 2011Médaille silver

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