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La Binchoise (Beer)

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Bière Des Ours

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Belgium La Binchoise Belgian Lager l & eacute gèrement pungent, very few houblonn é e where the sweetness of honey is omnipr & eacute feel.
Capacity: 33cl
Origin: Belgium
 The La Binchoise is a brewery founded in Binche in Belgium. Its origins date back to the nineteenth century, but production was restarted only in 1989. In 1986, André Graux decides to embark on the development of a traditional high fermentation beer. A year later, the beer is the development and commercialization of Fakir and Marie reserve Hungary begins. These two beers renamed later Binchoise Blonde and Brune Binchoise, are added Beer Bears (honey beer). In 1995, the brewery represented at the World Beer Championships in Chicago won the gold medal for beer Bears. The brewery takes a new start and opens to the world. Beer Bear has a disorder dress gold. Its foam is white and quite tenacious. The nose offers aromas of yeast and hops and barley flavors. The Bear Beer is slightly spicy but still a little hoppy beer which makes it well round. Honey softness pervades this Beer Bear, and one can note the flavors of anise and licorice in the finish.

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