Beer Kit, Je Brasse Une Pils Blonde ! 40ml review

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Beer Kit, Je Brasse Une Pils Blonde ! 40ml

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Beer Kit the ideal brewing kit for beer lovers! With this patch kit conceived & designed in France, you can brew your own beer house. Sounds difficult? Prejudice! In only a few weeks in the kitchen and with the same ingredients as a professional brewer you can create your own beer. Stir with Beer Kit is fun, anyone can do it, the video evidence! All utensils & raw materials you need are provided in the kit, you have in your kitchen additional equipment (stove, sink, funnel). The utensils are reusable and possibilities of endless recipes varying ingredients. By following step by step stages of the brewing manual and with a little patience, you can offer the tasting of beer and approximately 4L, repeat the procedure with the seasons and tastes. Your beer will effect with people who will taste it and gradually, you will transmit your passion for brewing your friends and loved ones. You just have to launch, Good brew! The Beer Kit contains all the instruments of brewer - 1 of 12 pages brewing manual with complete instructions - 1 fourquet (spatula) - 1 demijohn glass 5L - 1 rubber plug holes - 1 bubbler (exchange control gas) - 1 thermometer - 1 hydrometer - 1 specimen - 1 hop sock or hop bag - 1 anti-lie transvaseur - 1 brush - 1 bag of disinfectant ingredients, packed in empty to preserve freshness: - 1, 2 kg crushed barley malt - hops Saaz pellets 15g - 5g hop Hallertau Tradition pellets - 1 packet yeast See our video explaining how to use your Beer Kit and the various steps.

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