Batemans Vintage Ale 50cl review

Batemans (Beer)

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Batemans Vintage Ale 50cl

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This Batemans Vintage Ale is a very special beer. Batemans brewed, it is based in fact a recipe from an old brewery Barley Wine would have aged for. . . 30 years before being tasted. Naturally high in oak, this beer is cut for aging in the cellar! In a glass, this exceptional ale is distinguished by its golden-amber color topped with a thin beige foam. The nose offers aromas us on caramel, plum but also the vanilla characteristics of barrel aging. The palate is round in attack while black fruit and caramel to override As the tasting. The finish is finely hopped again bringing a little more complexity to a beer that does not lack! This Batemans Vintage Ale represents what is done best in the English pub, which does not prevent us from enjoying the excellent Triple XB!

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