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Anderson Valley Brewing Co. (Beer)

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Anderson Valley Boont Amber Ale 355ml

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Boont Amber beer Pale Ale is a type of beer ale of American Brasserie Anderson Valley Brewery Company (AVBC) in California. It is a young brewery (founded in 1987) which, at base, brewed craft beers but, recently, offering limited edition products. To do this, they explore new styles and use new flavors. Thus were born the citronella-based beers as in beer Wee Geech Pale Ale, IPA than the traditional style has been modified with beers Nettied Madge Black IPA, or new beers were created as Boontlinger beer Weiss and beer Mowkeef season. This ale beer produced for over 20 years has seen the scroll and the respect in which it increased making Boont Amber Ale, a beer of the most respected, appreciated and coveted craft beers of all time. It is not for nothing that one of the 25 best beers in the USA. It is an amber beer with a beautiful copper color. His head foam is thick and resistant to the time of tasting. On the nose, aromas of caramelized malts are felt and sweet nose. In the mouth, it's a nice flavor of caramelized roasted malt, very soft. Hops leaves a bitter taste behind much appreciated. Voted "best beer brewed in Northern California" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper, is a beer like this it is suitable for all meals which can be enjoyed whatever the time of day . Like all products of the Brewery AVBC the Boont Amber Ale beer is never filtered nor pasteurized.

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