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Anchor Brewing Company (Beer)

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Anchor Old Foghorn 355ml

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All seamen crossing the San Francisco Bay in the fog appreciates the foghorn in English foghorn. Similarly, any beer lover Anchor Old Foghorn appreciates the beer that was in 1975 the first of the barley wines of small American breweries and has remained the first share its high-quality products. Beer Brewery Anchor Old Foghorn the beer is produced with a high fermentation yeast, hops around and the first wort. Old Foghorn beer is brewed with traditional brewing methods and the beer is aged in the cellars of the brewery until it reaches a perfect balance of malty sweetness, fruity, and exquisite hop character, for which it is known throughout the world. It is a type of beer ale barley wine with a creamy foam. His body is full, thick for even subtle complex beer. His nose is hoppy, caramelized with citrus notes and the smooth alcoholic recalls what the American side, the classic American barley wines. In the mouth, the palate is very fruity (citrus and apricot shades), thick texture. Sweet caramel notes counterbalance hops with notes of citrus. There is bitterness, just enough to counteract the sweetness of the malt and fruit. The end is in turn very dry. These beers have a long life, they can beings stored in bottles for more than a decade. They have a depth of succulent flavors that make them ideal to sip right after dinner. It is a variation of the classic British barley wine. The bitterness in the mouth of the American beer is reinforced by a more substantial addition of hops in Britain.

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