Amager Sundby Stout 50cl review

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Amager Sundby Stout 50cl

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Sundby Stout is a beer crafted by the Amager brewery in Denmark, which stands out by its traditional stouts hop character. Decidedly Amager can not help spice up these beers in hops, whatever the style, which is not displeasing to us! In the glass, the Sundby Stout has a black dress night crowned by a dense pale brown head, reminiscent of a cappuccino foam. The nose of roasted malt flavors that blend with notes of floral hops (Centennial, Casacade and Nugget), a sort of hybrid between a stout and a black IPA. In the mouth, it identifies roasted malt flavors, dark chocolate and licorice are well balanced by bitter notes. An original and tasty beer that will surprise you!

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