Alesmith Grand Cru 75cl review

Alesmith (Beer)

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Alesmith Grand Cru 75cl

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This AleSmith Grand Cru beer is a beer exception of ale that is worth to be tasted at least once in his life. American brasserie Alesmith Brewing Co is the author of this masterpiece. This is subtly équlibrée stout with flavors of caramel, Belgian yeast and a delicious grilled appearance and won first place at the fair in the state of California. It is available in 750 ml bottle, and is similar to a bottle of champagne, as if to point out that this is an exceptional beer. Its delicious flavors of vanilla, caramel and chocolate will seduce you. The finish is well balanced with a slightly toasted flavor. In the end, these are the aromas of vanilla and chocolate predominate for our delight. His body is crisp to perfection and medium-bodied. Heat and high alcohol content of this exceptional American beer give the impression to enjoy a good wine.

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