Abbaye Des Rocs Brune 75cl review

Brasserie de L'Abbaye Des Rocs (Beer)

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Abbaye Des Rocs Brune 75cl

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The Abbaye des Rocs Grand Cru is brewed in Belgium, in the small town of Montignies-sur-Roc in 1979. It is a pure malt stout and titled to 9% alcohol. She underwent during its development a double fermentation and precise dosages of malts, and mixtures of three kinds of hops, making it an extremely subtle beers and rich flavors. It is very dark in color with ruby ​​reflections and tasted like a red wine with which it jointly owns the dress without tannin. On the nose you can feel very powerful aromas of sweet hints. This Belgian beer confirms the initial impresssion from the first mouth, plus a deep bitterness bodice but relatively well balanced with a very fruity. She then frees the palate and develops an impressive density of flavors, largely due to the large range of malts and hops present in its composition. One can detect hints of burnt wood but no roasted trend. The aftertaste is very prolonged because of its dense development and creamy in the mouth. The bitter and sugar tendencies (even though there are none in its composition) compete over again and produce a balanced merveillesement beer and pleasant to taste. It is a deep, mysterious and extremely mature beer is certainly one of the best Belgian dark beers to date.

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