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The Absinthe Antitoxin 50cl ($47.52) is a absinthe with roots in Germany with an alcohol content of 89%. Uvinum users rate this absinthe with 3,7 out of 5 points.

Technical sheet · Absinthe Antitoxin

Absinthe (Spirits)
50 cl
Alcohol Vol.:

Absinthe Antitoxin 50cl description

Absinthe Antitoxin 50cl

TASTING NOTES of Absinthe Antitoxin 50cl:
- Colour: neon-green colour, make it a true eye-catcher.
- Flavour: herbal-scented flavour
- Taste: strong and original

COUNTRY: Germany

PRODUCTION DETAILS of Absinthe Antitoxin 50cl:
Absinthe Antitoxin 50clis strong alcoholic drink aniseed flavor with a bitter background tints complex due to the contribution of the herbs it contains.

It is known as the Green Fairy. This 'Antitoxin Absinthe' comes in a 500ml skull shaped bottle containing the Wormwood (Alsem) herb - unique to absinthe. Not only the unusual bottle but also the extraordinarily bitter taste, and with its 89.9% alcohol strength this Absinthe is something.


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